Classification of Microbes?

Answer Microbes or microorganisms are small unicellular (single-cell) living bodies that are abundant in our surrounding environment. These are the oldest form of life on Earth, which have survived and fe... Read More »

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How to Freeze and Kill Microbes?

Microbes are tiny, one-celled organisms. The microbe family includes bacteria, viruses and fungi. Our world is dependent on microbes. They are everywhere -- in the air we breathe, inside our bod... Read More »

The Role of Microbes in Industry?

Microbes are widely used in large-scale industrial processes, not only in the production of a variety of metabolites, such as ethanol, butanol, lactic acid and riboflavin, but also in the biotransf... Read More »

The Methods of Enumeration in Microbes?

The methods of enumeration in microbes can be divided into four categories. Direct methods involve counting the microbes, while indirect methods involve estimation. Viable methods only count cells ... Read More »

How to View Microbes With Microscopes?

Because microbes are too small to observe directly, microbiologists use microscopes and laboratory techniques to view the specimens. These techniques rely on color changes that, unlike the microbes... Read More »