Classes of Nematodes?

Answer Nematodes, commonly known as roundworms, are a diverse phylum with more than 28,000 different species that have been distinguished. Roundworms are so diverse that they can be found in virtually an... Read More »

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Do nematodes have a coelom?

Nematodes are unsegmented roundworms and members of the phyla Nematoda, so they have a pseudocoelom, not a true coelom. The coelum is a cavity that contains the intestines. Humans have a true coe... Read More »

Hookworm & Nematodes?

Nematodes are unsegmented parasitic worms that live in huge numbers in water, soil, plants and animals. Hookworm is a roundworm infestation that can cause disease in the intestines and lungs. ... Read More »

Creeping Nematodes?

Cutaneous larva migrans (CLM), more colorfully called "creeping nematodes," infest approximately 700 million people annually. Nematodes are a kind of hookworm. The "creeping" descriptor refers to h... Read More »

What do aquatic nematodes eat?

Aquatic nematodes eat bacteria, algae, rotifers, decaying organic matter and even other worms. Nematodes are also referred to as roundworms and are distinguished from other worms by their snake-lik... Read More »