Classes Needed for Business Degrees?

Answer Business degrees prepare students for careers like human resources specialist, market researcher, entry level manager, financial analyst and public relations representative. Classes for business ma... Read More »

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What Classes Are Needed to Get a Business Degree?

Business degrees normally require math, communication and statistics classes in addition to business classes. Majors in business include a general business degree, marketing, operations management,... Read More »

What Classes Are Needed to Become a Business Entrepreneur?

The specific courses needed to become a business entrepreneur vary depending on the prior education and experience of the aspiring entrepreneur and the type of business being considered. However, b... Read More »

Can you claim business classes as a business expense?

If self-employed, you can claim the cost of the classes on your taxes. As an employee, you can claim the cost of the classes in the following cases: your employer did not provide reimbursement, you... Read More »

Are management degrees better than business administration degrees?

On One Hand: Benefits of Business Administration DegreesBusiness administration degrees provide general training that can be applied to a variety of careers. Focusing on one aspect of business adm... Read More »