Class Projects for Middle School?

Answer Engage students and sustain their interest by using research-based middle school projects strongly supported by educational theory. Educators know that lessons must tie directly to state standards ... Read More »

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How to Get Into an Elective Class in High School or Middle School With Friends?

An elective class is a non-academic subject in most middle and high schools. Examples include foreign languages, art, technology, computers, vocal music, instrumental music, shop, home economic, ag... Read More »

How to Get Noticed by Your Class in Middle School?

Alll the other articles not helping you? You want to be popular in your class in Middle School? Here's how...

How to Skip a Class in Middle School?

Sometimes, you just need a break from school, and you can't wait until the weekend. Mom ignores your "I'm going to puke" plea and sends you on the bus anyways. Or maybe you've got a test in Algebra... Read More »

How to Get a Child Moved to a Different Middle School Class?

Periodically, you may want to switch your child's teachers in middle school. Several reasons for the switch exist. For example, your child may feel that the majority of the work is easy and unchall... Read More »