Citrus Trees in Arizona?

Answer According to, citrus tree cultivation in Arizona is limited to the Yuma, Maricopa, Pinal and Mohave counties, since they typically remain frost-free and adequate, cheap water is availab... Read More »

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How Often Should I Water Citrus Trees in Arizona?

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Arizona Laws for Transporting Citrus Trees?

Growing citrus is an important industry in Arizona. In 1995, there were 33,000 acres planted in citrus. As of August 2010, the state was second in the nation in lemon production and third in tange... Read More »

How to Keep Ants Away From Citrus Trees?

Ants can become a nuisance when they become attracted to the sweet fruit that fall from citrus trees. Mid-summer to fall ushers in an explosion in the ant population, according to the University of... Read More »

Citrus & Lemon Trees?

Colorful citrus and lemon trees provide vitamin C- packed fruit. Height and sizes vary depending on the type of citrus tree. However, most citrus trees reach heights of about 15 feet tall. Most of ... Read More »