Citizenship Teaching Ideas?

Answer The word citizenship can refer to several concepts. The World Government of World Citizens organization promotes the thought that all of humankind belong to one citizen group. In a classroom, stude... Read More »

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Teaching Citizenship to First Graders?

Kids in the first grade are usually six- or seven-years-old. They are learning to read and understand new concepts in mathematics and science at the most basic of levels. It is also the time to beg... Read More »

Citizenship Lesson Ideas?

Citizenship in all its forms is a crucial competency that all schools teach. In September 20110, pollsters Steve Farkas and Ann M. Duffett researched citizenship in American high schools, according... Read More »

Does a British citizen lose his citizenship if he acquires citizenship of the United States?

A British citizen will not have his citizenship taken away if he acquires citizenship in the United States. Britain is one of many countries that allows and recognizes dual citizenship.References:U... Read More »

Practical Ideas for Teaching Main Ideas?

Grasping the main idea in a story or paragraph is difficult for most students. Yet this is a concept they must be taught when learning strategies for reading comprehension. The main idea is what th... Read More »