Cinema 4d not rendering full intro?

Answer go to the render settings and then go to output. go down to the amount of frame you want to render, open the dropdown box and select "all frames"

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Is there any way of autoplaying a Home Cinema Custom Intro like in the movies?

It can be done but its going to be much more complicated than what you have in mind or are thinking ,, you would probably need a dedicated Media computer to store movies on after they have been ed... Read More »

Is LG cinema 3d tv full hd?

LG PASSIVE 3d televisions deliver 540 lines to each eye both at the same time. Active televisions deliver 1080 lines to each eye alternately. Both use the full data rate of an HD signal but separat... Read More »

I need rendering help with rendering my video on sony vegas pro 10?

The link below is by a poster whom shared a fix for skipping and long render times when using Vegas.

I bought LG 47LM6200 LED Tv, (cinema, smart tv) do I need to buy home theater to get cinema affect, just this?

The general consensus is that the sound is getting weaker as TVs are getting thinner and thinner, but I think we need to optimize your settings before making a decision. I have a lg tv from last ye... Read More »