Cinema 4D black screen?

Answer A screen short would be better :)Well are you saying that you are seeing 4 screensPerspective, top, left, front..??If yes then the fix is simple, the click the scroll wheel once and it'll take you ... Read More »

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How to Use an Apple Cinema Screen With a PC?

The Apple Cinema Display is a series of flat-screen monitors that come in large sizes for easy viewing. Much favored by the creative communities for their small profile and display capabilities, th... Read More »

Black magic cinema camera?

Jimmy you've got some things to learn about cinema cameras.First, if you've done your research, you know that any cinema camera costs about $50,000 for just the camera body - no lenses, no accessor... Read More »

Does an Apple LED cinema display work with the black Macbook?

The Apple LED Cinema Display does not work with the black MacBook. The Cinema Display uses a mini DisplayPort connection, while the black MacBook only has a mini-DVI jack. As of 2010, there are no ... Read More »

My screen goes black after Windows XP screen. What's causing this?

Hi! First of all, there is no problem with your Windows Xp Operating System. The problem is with your Laptop's Hard Drive.It has Read Delay issues. The best way to resolve it is to replace your Har... Read More »