Cinema 4D black screen?

Answer A screen short would be better :)Well are you saying that you are seeing 4 screensPerspective, top, left, front..??If yes then the fix is simple, the click the scroll wheel once and it'll take you ... Read More »

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How to Use an Apple Cinema Screen With a PC?

The Apple Cinema Display is a series of flat-screen monitors that come in large sizes for easy viewing. Much favored by the creative communities for their small profile and display capabilities, th... Read More »

Black magic cinema camera?

Jimmy you've got some things to learn about cinema cameras.First, if you've done your research, you know that any cinema camera costs about $50,000 for just the camera body - no lenses, no accessor... Read More »

Does an Apple LED cinema display work with the black Macbook?

The Apple LED Cinema Display does not work with the black MacBook. The Cinema Display uses a mini DisplayPort connection, while the black MacBook only has a mini-DVI jack. As of 2010, there are no ... Read More »

Can a JVC camcorder with a 35mm lense compete with the Black Magic Cinema Camera?

You haven't said which JVC camcorder or 35mm lens you're comparing the Black Magic to. fwiw, there's a lot more to getting the "film look" than just the camera - there's tons of stuff on the web a... Read More »