Cigarettes or roll-ups?

Answer If bought in the uk they should both be the same except cigs have tips .Do yourself a favour when using rollups and buy filters most aroundapound shops sell them . this way you will be doing yourse... Read More »

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How to Roll Your Own Filter Cigarettes?

Rolling your own cigarettes is relatively cheap and easy to learn, and is beneficial if you are interested in saving money on cigarettes, smoking lower nicotine cigarettes, or experimenting with di... Read More »

Whats worse, smoking tobacco in a 'roll up' or smoking cigarettes?

I would say Roll Ups because they have less chemicals. Follow the site below to find a table of toxic chemicals in Cigarettes. Notice it includes Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, and Arse... Read More »

What should be the average length size of a common sushi roll (i.e. California Roll or similar roll)?

The length of the nori sheet, about 8 inches. After it's rolled, then it's sliced to about an inch length before serving.

If it could be proven that cigarettes cause cancer, Would cigarettes be banned?

It has definately been proven that cigarettes cause cancer, lung disease, heart disease, mouth cancers gangrene and other nasties such as emphysema.I am a cynic though and I think that because the ... Read More »