Cigarette advice / help ( questions :) ) 10 POINTS!!?

Answer 13 year olds shouldn't buy cigarettes even if they are availablecigarettes are an acquired taste, you eventually pick a brand to stay with... generally speakingAddicted means that you will spend th... Read More »

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Just in case its their position (off screen), try right-clicking the desktop and selecting 'arrange icons by', 'name'.If that doesn't bring them back to their normal positions...You might try resto... Read More »

Help please!!! braces questions! easy 10 points?

Hey EmilyThis is such a good question that i wish i asked before i got my braces.Ok firstly i have dark brown hair aswell i got like a raionbow a blue, pink, purple, yellow and green it looks so co... Read More »

10 points if some one can help me with these drivers eud questions!!!?

People who are new at things - whether it's being a waitress, bartender, plumber or DRIVER, should make themselves aware of the hazards of what they are doing. By reading and digesting and ponderin... Read More »

Can someone help me with some drivers eud questions!! 10 points best answer!?

1. diamond2. slow down3. 8,5004. more than â…“5. 2 seconds6. check in both directions beforeproceeding.7. t-intersections8. roundabouts9. cloverleaf10. complex