Chuckee cheeses?

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How many cheeses are there?

There are over 2,000 varieties of cheeses in the world today. Types of cheese can be identified by the milk used, processing, texture, shape, color, size, rind, aroma, country of origin and flavor.... Read More »

What cheeses are aged?

Yes, almost all semi-hard and hard cheeses are aged. Most cheddar and swiss we find in the supermarket have only been ages about 4 months, but those cheeses can be aged for one year. Often, the l... Read More »

Where can i buy these French cheeses?

If your going to be in NYC, get someone to take you to either Zabars or Dean and DeLuca

Is cheeses a word?

The world "cheeses" is plural for "cheese" so it's considered a word. The plural form is appropriate and needed since several hundred varieties of cheese exist throughout the world. In fact, around... Read More »