Chrysler Harmonic Puller Instructions?

Answer In the past, backyard mechanics would install and remove the harmonic balancer from a Chrysler or any other car with crude tools, sometimes even a claw hammer. The harmonic balancer is a precision ... Read More »

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Harmonic Balancer Puller Instructions?

Harmonic balancers are installed on engine cranks to harmonically balance the crankshaft. They are sometimes referred to as "vibration dampeners." Without the balancer, the vibrations will cause th... Read More »

GM Harmonic Puller Tips?

A GM harmonic or harmonic balancer is a piece of equipment that absorbs the vibrations produced by a GM engine. It is engineered with a tough metal exterior, but a small portion of its interior is ... Read More »

How to Use a Harmonic Balancer Puller?

A harmonic balancer, or vibration dampener, attaches to the front of the crankshaft of a car's engine. It is designed to reduce the vibrations of the engine, both making it quieter and extending it... Read More »

How to Remove a Harmonic Balancer With a Puller?

A harmonic balancer is designed to absorb the vibrations produced by the engine. For this reason, the balancer is sometimes referred to as a "vibration dampener." Although the exterior of the balan... Read More »