Chrysler Crank Sensor Replacement Instructions?

Answer The crankshaft position sensor on your Chrysler vehicle is part of the ignition system and monitors engine speed. The engine computer uses electrical current signals from this and other sensors to ... Read More »

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2000 Chrysler 300M Headlight Replacement Instructions?

The 2000 Chrysler 300M features a halogen headlight capsule that inserts into the headlight assembly. Unlike many other cars, the 300M requires the removal of several components in order to change ... Read More »

Chrysler Town & Country Steering Pump Replacement Instructions?

If the power steering pump is damaged and leaking fluid in your Chrysler van, it needs replacing. Depending on the year or engine type (four-cylinder or V6), the replacement procedure can vary in b... Read More »

Cam Sensor Replacement Instructions?

One of the cam sensor's duties is to sense when the No. 1 cylinder is on top dead center. It feeds this information to the computer so that the computer can make the proper adjustments for timing. ... Read More »

BMW Z3 Oxygen Sensor Replacement Instructions?

You may have heard some horror stories about exhaust pipe threads being destroyed when replacing an oxygen sensor (O2 sensor). And most of them might be true. These sensors tend to almost weld to t... Read More »