Chronic sore throat pain is this a serious illness help!!?

Answer Do you have allergies? If you have allergies and your nose is always stuffy, that can cause you to breath through your mouth all the time, thus causing a sore throat.I have sore throats sometimes ... Read More »

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I know alot of people smoke pot to help with chronic illness..but are there any illness caused by smoking it?

no, nothing major. The goverment just wants you to believe it is just as bad as smoking Cigs. Mary Jane is all natural from the earth. If God didn't want us to smoke, it wouldn't grow. It helps too... Read More »

Bad sore throat with bad all around neck pain how can you get rid of it?

yes to make sure there not on drugs or anything. if there gonna be professional they have to be clean and healthy

How to cure sore throat/pain while swallowing?

Tea with honey and lemon is a classic home remedy. It definitely helps a bit at least. Not really a "cure" though, just something to make you more comfortable until you get better.

I have a sore throat and pain, feeling like I cant swallow, almost as if I cant, or its blocked.?

See your doctor, you may have strep throat. You can't expect anonymous people who can't examine you and are not physicians to diagnose your problem.