Chronic knee pain after surgery?

Answer school is definitely an option that you may consider... Look for as much justice as you can.. There are lawyers out there who advertise to get you results in trouble with Workman's comp. I had a k... Read More »

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Can scoliosis (after surgery) cause knee pain?

It can, but it would be best to wait until your body has fully recuperated from the fusion procedure before trying to identify other issues. Everything needs to settle down to what the new "normal... Read More »

The Best Workouts for Chronic Knee Pain?

With some modifications, people who suffer chronic knee pain can still enjoy active and fit lifestyles. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, a workout program that combines aer... Read More »

How can I build up knee strength after knee surgery?

Is it ok to get an ear piercing 12 days after knee surgery?

Yeah it is safe. And its not a dumb question, better safe than sorry (: