Chronic Ehrlichiosis?

Answer Chronic ehrlichiosis is an advanced stage of infection by the ehrlichia rickettsia, which is transmitted by the brown dog tick and the lone star tick who feed off and transmit an ehrlichia organism... Read More »

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How to Recognize and Treat Ehrlichiosis?

The lone star tick is the primary carrier of ehrlichiosis in the U.S.Ehrlichiosis is the name generally used to describe various bacterial diseases that affect animals and humans. In the U.S., ehrl... Read More »

Is ehrlichiosis reported in Oregon?

In a May 2004 report from Oregon's Department of Human Services, it stated that no form of human ehrlichiosis--a tick-borne bacterial infection--is officially reported in Oregon. However, it is off... Read More »

Is Vitiligo always chronic?

my 10 year old neighbour has vitiligo and it is quite bad already. she doesnt let it get her down. dont let it lower your self-esteem.i dont know if it is always chronic. you should look it up on t... Read More »

Chronic Dandruff?

Dandruff is also known as seborrhea, and it refers to a condition that results in the excessive shedding of skin flakes from the scalp. Though it is a relatively common condition, it can be sociall... Read More »