Chromosome Number & Karyotype Characteristics?

Answer All organisms have karyotypes, which is that organism's unique set of chromosomes. The chromosome is part of the genome that contains the genes of the organism. This chromosome is made out of chrom... Read More »

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How do you get chromosome?

boy meets girl, girl meets boy the baby gets chromosomes

Chromosome Banding Techniques?

Chromosome banding techniques are used to distinguish between different types of chromosomes. Different banding techniques are used to highlight different regions of the chromosomes, and the dark a... Read More »

Chromosome Abnormalities & Genetic Counseling?

Chromosomal abnormalities cause a variety of commonly known diseases. While some diseases are a result of faulty cell division, other diseases are inherited. Persons who have a chromosomal disorder... Read More »

How are sex chromosome and sex linked trait alike?

In order to have sex-linked traits, you must first need a sex chromosome. Sex-linked traits come from the mother, and therefore sex chromosomes XY is needed. They are not ALIKE, rather, sex chromos... Read More »