Chrome keeps redirecting and opening?

Answer ok ... first I would say (whether Chrome or Chromium) just downloading the most updated version and installing that may help, but SINCE it is happening on all browsers, I'd say it is malware relate... Read More »

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Why does google chrome keep redirecting me?

You are having this google virus that redirects you when you try to perform a regular search using any kind of browser on your computer. It’s generally a browser hijack but uninstalling your brow... Read More »

Google chrome not opening?

Press ctrl shift and esc on win7 or crtl alt delete on xp. go to processes and end the google chrome one.try opening again.

Why does google chrome keep opening up a new window?

This has been happening me for a few weeks as well and randomly opens new windows when I'm on a tab. So far yours is the first online reference so hoping someone can help as there's certainly nothi... Read More »

Google Chrome opening new tabs, How to turn off ?

first of all can go to the Chrome setting and click help icon all information u can collect about this topic.Thank u