Chrome browser........... ?

Answer I am using the Chrome browser............and I really like it.........I wasn't aware of Firefox or Opera........are they good???

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I have microsoft ie as a browser and am going to add google chrome. if i make chrome my default browser,?

How to Update the Chrome Browser?

It's important to keep your Google Chrome browser updated to assure the best performance and stability. Keeping your browser updated will also help by keeping you protected and allowing you to vie... Read More »

Do you like the new Google Chrome browser?

I love the new Chrome browser and I think it's going to kill IE, especially when they work out the kinks. It's just a better browser all together - and super fast. I absolutely love that it runs Ja... Read More »

Is Google Chrome a good browser to use?

i use it and i think its brilliant, its super fast and saves your top 9 favourite and most visitied cites so as soon as you log on you can go to your regular sites such as yahoo or social networkin... Read More »