Christmas pay date change?

Answer You'll have to ask your management / HR department, as it will depend on your company. I usually get paid on the 28th, but in December we always get paid about a week before Christmas, while at oth... Read More »

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How do I change a common date to a Jewish date?

Use a WebsiteUse a conversion table or a website with a free conversion tool (see links in Resources) to convert an exact date. The complex system of leap years in the Jewish calendar and the switc... Read More »

How to Plan a Christmas Date with Your Sweetheart?

Christmas is a romantic time, what with all the mistletoe, so why not plan a festive date with your sweetheart?

If mother remarries and stepfather adopts the child and they change the name on the birth certificate can they also change the date of birth?

How do I change the date in Solaris?

Open a TerminalRight click on your Solaris desktop, click "Desktop" and click "Open Terminal." If you're using the Java Desktop System, click "Applications," "System Tools" and "Terminal" instead.C... Read More »