Christmas day dinner - New York?

Answer Hotel Dining Rooms will be open as will Kosher restaurants and Chinese restaurants. Try Cafe at Country in the Carlton Hotel. It's less expensive than Country and has a great vibe. Town has a mo... Read More »

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Home-made Christmas dinner or Christmas dinner out in a restaurant?

I have only ever had it home-made....and I think I like it that way.

The Cratchit family sat down to a Christmas dinner of what kind of roast meat courtesy of scrooge in the book A Christmas Carol?

Scrooge supplied them with the biggest roast turkey in the market.

For christmas dinner?

i live in Australia and i live up north so it is hot, so this year we are having finger food through the day and for dinner [tea] we are having a bbq.and plenty of cold drinks on hand. merry xmas t... Read More »

Anyone having a big christmas dinner?