Christmas Events in Las Vegas?

Answer Las Vegas is not known for modesty. Its Christmas celebrations are no exception. Beginning in November, the elaborate celebrations extend well into the new year. From casino employees dressed in Sa... Read More »

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Rodeo Events in Las Vegas?

The first rodeo took place in 1869 between cowboys on neighboring ranches competing to decide who did their jobs best, according to the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, or PRCA. Today, rod... Read More »

Christmas Events Within 30 Miles of Georgetown, Texas?

Georgetown, Texas, is renowned for its Victorian architecture and historic "small town" charm. The town's history dates back to 1848 when it was founded. The historic architecture and charming atmo... Read More »

Are Vegas restaurants open on Christmas?

As with any other day of the year, a majority of restaurants are open in Las Vegas on Christmas Day. There are some smaller, family-owned restaurants that do not open, but they are not in major tou... Read More »

Is Las vegas bigger than canadaAnd what is the distance in beetween Las vegas,and canada and their diffrence?

are you high? look @ a map.............canada is that BIG country above us