Christians, what have you read / heard about accupuncturists?

Answer Hi ! It's funny you asked, my mom has just begun a weekly session of acupuncture with an american Dr. I thought all doctors who did acupuncture were foreign, I thought it was big in chinese medicin... Read More »

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Can christians read the book"The Secret"?

On One Hand: Christianity Can Include the Law of AttractionThe basic gist of "The Secret" is that people can use the Law of Attraction to get what we want. According to researcher John Place, it is... Read More »

Has anyone heard of derek acorah read on.?

its a really good programme but as soon as he gets overtaken by spirits you cant help but laugh! most of the time its a real thrill and sometimes scary to watch but i also think he reads up on the ... Read More »

If you had heard of and read about "baby-led weaning," but opted not to try it, why not?

Peer pressure. I had read some on baby-led weaning but everyone around me was telling me my son would choke and to put him on jarred baby food. He is my first child and I didn't know any better so ... Read More »

Has anyone read or heard on the news about the 42 stone woman?

I think that this woman is just looking for some one to blame for her ownlaziness and incomptance to lead a healthy balanced life. After all the NHS (taxpayers) have already funded a stay in The Pr... Read More »