Christians, what have you read / heard about accupuncturists?

Answer Hi ! It's funny you asked, my mom has just begun a weekly session of acupuncture with an american Dr. I thought all doctors who did acupuncture were foreign, I thought it was big in chinese medicin... Read More »

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Have you ever heard of or read about a community site called Zenzuu?

Checked it out. It looks like a Facebook for the upper classes! Seems interesting though. I guess if you get into it early and it gets as big as facebook, you could make some cash.

If you had heard of and read about "baby-led weaning," but opted not to try it, why not?

Peer pressure. I had read some on baby-led weaning but everyone around me was telling me my son would choke and to put him on jarred baby food. He is my first child and I didn't know any better so ... Read More »

Has anyone read or heard on the news about the 42 stone woman?

I think that this woman is just looking for some one to blame for her ownlaziness and incomptance to lead a healthy balanced life. After all the NHS (taxpayers) have already funded a stay in The Pr... Read More »

Ive read something about linux i could not understand it plz explain what is linux i never heard of it before ?

It is a computer operation systemLinux is one of the most prominent examples of free software and open source development; typically all the underlying source code can be freely modified, used, and... Read More »