Chose Pie, pop tarts, toaster strudel's!?

Answer toasted pop tarts

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What is better Pop-tarts or Strawberry Toaster Strudels?

They are both made with white flour, artificial colors, artificial flavors and other amounts of junk. Personally, I prefer 100% natural whole wheat bread and whole fruit. Healthier, cheaper, and mo... Read More »

Who invented toaster strudels ?

Weasel men keep on stealing my toaster. Now I can't make Pop Tarts! What should I do?

They stole my shampoo too. Then I stopped taking drugs.

What's your or your children's after-class activitiesYou chose for them or they chose by themselves?

1.what's your or your children's after-class activities? Are they have something to do with school's study courses?(I mean, are they Maths, English, Chemistry,Physics,etc)**My daughter has done gym... Read More »