Chose Pie, pop tarts, toaster strudel's!?

Answer toasted pop tarts

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What is better Pop-tarts or Strawberry Toaster Strudels?

They are both made with white flour, artificial colors, artificial flavors and other amounts of junk. Personally, I prefer 100% natural whole wheat bread and whole fruit. Healthier, cheaper, and mo... Read More »

Who invented toaster strudels ?

Weasel men keep on stealing my toaster. Now I can't make Pop Tarts! What should I do?

They stole my shampoo too. Then I stopped taking drugs.

If you could chose the month your baby is due, which would you chose and why?

I would say May if I could choose. I would have the baby before the hot weather starts but still able to hit garage sales that start in April before the baby is born.I am due in March and all of t... Read More »