Chopping the ends off cucumbers ?

Answer Its good to chop the ends off of the cucumbers just because its the least appetiting part of a cucumber. One of the ends was where the cucumber was attached to the vine and the other end is just a... Read More »

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How do I clean a wooden chopping board?

Wipe the chopping board with warm soapy water. Further sanitize a wooden board by using a bleach solution of 1 tsp. of bleach mixed into 1 quart of water. The mixture can be added to a spray bottle... Read More »

How do I clean a marble chopping board?

Use Dish SoapImmerse your marble cutting board in a sink filled with dishwashing liquid and water. Use about 1 tbsp. of dish soap with half a sink full of water.Clean the Cutting BoardWipe the marb... Read More »

How do you clean a wooden chopping board?

Hot soapy water --- or lemon juice with salt in it --- or baking soda & water. Wooden cutting boards can bare many germs as it is a porous surface, and should be bleached directly after use especia... Read More »

I cut myself while chopping onions...ouch!?

Keep one bandiad on the cut at all times. If the blood keeps seeping threw, leave it on, and put bandaids over top. You are trying to make a blood clot for the blood to stop seeping. If you keep re... Read More »