Choice and free thinking: Can someone define "Perception of independence"?

Answer The real issue at stake here is personal responsibility - both taking personal responsibility, and havng the freedom to do so.Increasingly in the West, we are advocating the transfer of our persona... Read More »

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Interesting debate - fathers rights on abortion and free choice?

It is an interesting point, yes, but this is why it is EXTREMELY important to make sure to discuss what will happen if pregnancy occurs BEFORE you have sex. If the man truly does not want a child ... Read More »

Free Critical Thinking Games for Adults?

You can find online a wide variety of free critical thinking games. These games can test your skills in logic, language, math and memory. Try playing a critical thinking game each morning while you... Read More »

Are fans of underground and old school hip hop really as free-thinking as they think they are?

I was recently thinking the same thing to myself, the conclusion I arrived at is that we are just as much slaves to our anti-conformity, as mainstream fans are to what the radio plays. Its gotten ... Read More »

How do you define free enterprise?

Free enterprise, also known as capitalism, is a system of business practices ruled by supply and demand without restraint from government influence. Businesses, not governments, are allowed to deci... Read More »