Chocolate Pie Made With Corn Starch?

Answer Chocolate pies are a delicious ending to a meal and can be created in different ways. Chocolate pies made with cornstarch can be prepared as a thick, cooked pudding or cooled and folded with whippe... Read More »

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Ok....if i don't have corn starch, can I use potato starch instead as a thickener?

Yes, you can. Make sure you dilute it in some cold water just as you would corn starch. If you don't you'll end up with lumpy food. The difference is: Potato starch has a neutral taste, and is an... Read More »

Can corn starch be substituted for corn syrup?

Corn starch can not be substituted for corn syrup. Corn starch is a powder that thickens the consistency of a recipe. Corn syrup is a very sweet liquid flavor additive. Ingredient substitutions for... Read More »

Why is corn starch bad for you?

Answer In the moderate amounts used for cooking, it's not really bad for you. Like white flour, cornstarch is low in essential vitamins, but you're probably only using a tablespoon or so of it. Cor... Read More »

Is corn starch gluten?

Although gluten is a type of protein that exists in several types of grains, it is not synonymous with grain. Modified corn starch, such as corn starches used commercially, is consistent with a glu... Read More »