Chlorine Won't Stay in Pool: What Is Wrong?

Answer Chlorine is the most essential chemical in keeping a pool clean and safe to swim in. When chlorine levels are not stable, the chance that something may start growing in your pool is very high. Bal... Read More »

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What is the best way to get rid of water mold in a non-chlorine pool when chlorine loops are not effective?

Answer I have found Proteam's System support product to be very effective against it.Hmmm, What are chlorine "loops"

What's wrong with your pool if it turns dark purple when checking chlorine using the liquid method drops?

Answer Check your conditioner or chlorine stabilizer levels. They may be too high. Also check your test solutions for age. A year or more old - get new ones. Ken

What are the pros and cons of having a salt water pool vs a chlorine pool?

Answer A: they are both the same. A salt system feeds chlorine as it is manufactured at the control mechanism. Salt is converted, as at a chlorine making plant, into chlorine. The only other way is... Read More »

What should swimming pool chlorine level be during winter when pool is covered?

The chlorine level in your swimming pool should be kept high in the winter to prevent algae growth. Before you put the winter cover on the pool, shock the water until you raise the levels to 6.0 t... Read More »