Chlorine Won't Stay in Pool: What Is Wrong?

Answer Chlorine is the most essential chemical in keeping a pool clean and safe to swim in. When chlorine levels are not stable, the chance that something may start growing in your pool is very high. Bal... Read More »

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What's wrong with your pool if it turns dark purple when checking chlorine using the liquid method drops?

Answer Check your conditioner or chlorine stabilizer levels. They may be too high. Also check your test solutions for age. A year or more old - get new ones. Ken

What's wrong if your pool water will not maintain a chlorine level even after major multi super shocks and the water is blue but cloudy and you have treated it for metals and algae etc.?

Answer Check your Total Alkalinity and your Calcium Hardness totals. Normally, when either of these are out of wack, it's hard to maintain you chorine levels. Also, if you have a sand filter, you m... Read More »

Can algaecide interact with chlorine thereby reducing the level of free chlorine in a swimming pool?

Answer yes, the algae feeds on the chlorine.. must get rid of algae, then bring up chlorine level

What do you do if you have shocked your pool and have been testing it but cannot get any chlorine to show up on the strips and you have put in over 30 chlorine tablets?

You probably have the same problem I have - take a sample of your water to a pool store and have it tested. I did and needed to add alkalinity, pH enhancer, algaecide and one other chemical. You ne... Read More »