Chiropractic addiction and neck popping?

Answer the only solution is a conservative approach with precise toggle adjustment made only as absolutely necessary. there will be times that you will have symptoms for a few days from transient irritati... Read More »

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Injured neck after chiropractic adjustment?

People get injured by crackopractors every day. That is why it is well known, NEVER let one touch your neck. Unfortunately these injuries never get reported to anyone that keeps track, so the abus... Read More »

How do I overcome my addiction to popping bubble wrap?

HAHAHA - OMG - i have the SAME problem....

I would like some input from our skeptic friends for this article about chiropractic care and neck pain?

I agree with Enzard's letter. Its a poor quality study that suffers from lack of blinding, no effort to control for placebo, relatively small sample size and other design flaws. No definitive con... Read More »

How long will it take for my body to heal its self Neck cracking and popping.?

Neck is tough, I've been dealing with a problem myself. Neck exercises help. But since the x-ray shows normal you might benefit from a chiropractic adjustment, the vertebrae can be just a little ... Read More »