Chipped Disc & Back Pain?

Answer According to Web MD, at some point about 80 percent of Americans experience some form of back pain. "It comes in many forms, from lower back pain, middle back pain, or upper back pain to low back p... Read More »

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How long can back pain/ possible herniated disc go unchecked?

Unless a compression fracture causes acute spinal cord compression, and in your son's case it *sounds like* it hasn't, it just takes time to heal.Typically, the main treatment is time and medicatio... Read More »

How to Deal with the Pain from a Chipped Tooth?

There are many different ways to handle a toothache, but what happens when the tooth is chipped and pain ensures? Use an onion!

I was in a car accident 5 days ago i have lower back pain and rib pain & feels horrible should i see a doctor?

Definately go to your doctor right away! Get any tests your doctor prescribes because your back and ribs are a big deal! You don't want to have back problems in the future! Until you go to your ... Read More »

What could be wrong for a female to have discharge that does not smell and lower back pain stomach pain and frequent urination?

Answer I read recently in Yahoo health that these symptoms can be associated with ovarian cancer, which was previously thought to be symptomless. Especially the frequent urination during periods wa... Read More »