Chipmunk Garden Pests?

Answer Many people find chipmunks cute, but they might seem less adorable after digging up your prized tulips or undermining the structure of your patio. Chipmunks are small squirrel-like rodents that app... Read More »

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Garden Pests: Woodlice?

Woodlice, also known as pillbugs or sowbugs, are among the most benign creatures found crawling around homes, lawns and gardens. They pose no threat to the health of humans or animals. They are not... Read More »

Garden Pests: Worms?

Worms in general are encouraged in the garden. They help to aerate the soil by burrowing. They feed on decaying matter and then recycle it. There are a few worms, however, that can be harmful to pl... Read More »

How to Get Rid of House and Garden Pests?

Pests, pests. Everywhere. They eat your food and pull your hair. Why won't they die? Everything has been tried, and now you're falling into despair. Well, despair no more! Here are several good rem... Read More »

How to Fence off Garden Pests?

Spending time and energy to grow a beautiful garden, only to see it invaded by animals, is one of the most distressing possibilities a gardener faces. The one surefire way to protect your flowers, ... Read More »