Chinos Vs Jeans !! 10 Points :)?

Answer burgundy chinos are awsome, they just look really fashionable, its probs cause they just look good and really show off a great bum...very 'jizzable' ahaand its becuase jeans are just getting a bit ... Read More »

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Chinos Vs Jeans 10 points :)?

Chinos. :) I love them! But a nice dark wash or black or brightly colored(if that's you) skinny jean is just as great.

What color jeans, chinos or shorts go with beige shoes?

The classic blue and black. And white too :) x

Chinos Question Please Answer For 10 Points :)?

I'm a girl, I wouldn't wear chinos myself because i think they look a bit lesbian (no offence to lesbians) but i just don't think they suit girls unless worn a particular way. But anyway, i like bo... Read More »

What are chinos made of?

Chino is a coarse cotton twilled fabric often used for uniforms or trousers because of its heavy-duty rugged qualities. The trousers made of this fabric are also sometimes called chinos.References:... Read More »