Chinese food... what kind of noodles..?

Answer what you can get are these hand - pulled noodles. What they do literally is to take the dough and stretch it out into noodle - form. In the end, they turn out to be more or less round, not flat. ... Read More »

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Do you think Ramen Noodles can be compared with noodles you see at Chinese restaurants?

Ramen is Japanese noodles not Chinese noodles. Ramen is thicker and Chinese Min is thinner. Basic noodle making ingredients are probably similar but each culture has their own variations, for insta... Read More »

What is your favorite kind of Chinese food?

Isn't Japanese food FAR BETTER than Chinese food Chinese food is disgusting! What do you think?

I think you should stop posting questions about a Japanese superiority that doesn't exist.

Noodles or rice ,with chinese?

Rice is best..........steamed!!! Doesn't have the extra flavors like noodles do that may take away from the dish you're eating.