Chinese Herbs for Acne?

Answer While Western preventative medicine has only been around since 1876, the roots of Chinese medicine stretch back approximately 5,000 years. In that time, Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) practition... Read More »

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How do you take chinese herbs?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) includes a range of medical practices in an alternative medical system also used in the Western world. TCM includes herbal medicine such as acupuncture, massage a... Read More »

How do I take Chinese herbs?

Chinese herbs have been used in China for 3,000 years in order to treat a variety of conditions. These herbs are derived from roots, bark, flowers, seeds, fruits, leaves and branches, all of which ... Read More »

Chinese Herbs for Memory?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses a variety of herbs to improve memory. Some deterioration of memory is normal with aging, according to Jillian L. Capodice, LAc, in her article "Acupuncture, ... Read More »

Chinese Herbs for Healthy Hair?

Chinese hair treatments approach the problem of hair loss in a completely different way than traditional medicines. They start with the premise that healthy hair depends on a sufficient amount of b... Read More »