Chineese satellite reciever?

Answer I hope you didn't buy it....There are 2 basic recievers in use today...the DISH Network built by Motorola, and the Direct-TV recievers shared by Sony, RCA, Hughes and others.....Chinese satellite m... Read More »

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Is there a device that you can hook to your tv that picks up the satellite signal from a reciever in the home?

I don't know what it would be called, but it sounds like a wireless receiver, much like that of the wireless network adapters for the computer - your best better to find it is Radio Shack if you h... Read More »

Which is better chineese or Indian food why?

I prefer Chinese food, there is so many choices and flavours and textures. Providing you cook it yourself, it's super healthy too!

Footprint coverage of satellite 103 b from directv - will the satellite signals cover south of Mexico?

Yes it may be the satellite also may become a 104 d if money awnsers.So the awmser is Yes it may beYes it may be the satellite also may become a 104 d if money awnsers.So the awnser is Yes it may b... Read More »

What direction d dish network satellite I heard they have a new satellite towards the south east?

We have 7 satellites that we use to provide programming to our customers. The last satellite that was launched was in 2008. Depending on the line of sight, East coast locations normally are pointed... Read More »