Children's Springtime Nursery Activities?

Answer Young children can learn about nature, plants and animal life cycles with a variety of spring-themed activities suitable for a nursery or preschool environment. Involve children in simple cooking, ... Read More »

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Childrens nursery rythmes and please?

can't think at the moment, but will work on it!Got itHorsey Horsey Don't You Stopjust let your feet go clippety clopyour tail goes swishand the wheels go roundgiddy up we're homeward boundhooray ho... Read More »

Why is ring around the rosey a childrens song/nursery rhyme?

The other answers explain a lot, but there are other versions of the rhyme, which you could probably find online. "Ashes ashes" was thought to come from "Atissue Atissue" (which had nothing to do w... Read More »

Activities to Do With Nursery Children?

Nursery school children enjoy engaging in a variety of activities, both quiet and active. As you play and interact with the youngsters, notice what engages each child. Strive to offer children oppo... Read More »

Nursery Rhyme Art Activities?

Nursery rhymes are fun for any age. They are short and creative, and capture the imagination of any child who hears them. Nursery rhymes help children learn the concept of rhyme and rhythm, and the... Read More »