Children's School Clothing in the 1920s?

Answer The classes of people in the 1920s did not include only flappers and gangsters. Mothers stayed home to tend to the family, fathers worked and children went to school every day to complete their edu... Read More »

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Women's Clothing in the 1920s?

The post-war 1920s were a time when women wanted to hang on to their independence and freedom. Their lifestyle had changed significantly during World War I, and these changes inevitably reflected o... Read More »

1920s Clothing and Hats?

It was the era of the Great Gatsby, the end of WWI, often referred to as the Roaring '20s. The fashions of the 1920s brought about never before seen hemlines, color choices and accessories that mad... Read More »

Flappers Clothing Fashion of the 1920s?

Flapper fashion reached its peak of popularity in 1926, but was found on American women between 1925 and 1928. Despite only being in vogue for four years, the flapper look is iconic and is usually ... Read More »