Children's Research Projects for the Third Grade?

Answer Third grade students are new to the concept of research papers and need structured assignments from which they can learn. As a teacher, you can provide a template for the research project -- basica... Read More »

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Third Grade Research Projects?

By the third grade, students can easily do library or online research and complete a project utilizing the acquired information. Completing the research and writing allows students to develop thei... Read More »

Animal Research Projects for the Third Grade?

Third-grade students are naturally curious about the world of nature; an animal research project is a great way to capture students' interest while they learn and practice lessons from several subj... Read More »

Ideas for 5th Grade Research Projects?

Research projects are a great way for fifth graders to take ownership of learning. Students develop skills such as searching for, identifying and evaluating information obtained online and through ... Read More »

Research Projects and Surveys for the 9th Grade?

Each of the core subject areas in a typical ninth grade curriculum contains a wealth of ideas for research projects and related surveys. Whether your class is studying physical science, world geogr... Read More »