Children's Music of the 1970s?

Answer Children's music describes a genre of music, usually performed by adults, that is targeted at a young audience. Songs in the children's music genre usually feature simple, upbeat melodies and have ... Read More »

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Who was a pediatrician who used to appear on talk show like Mike Douglas or Phil Donahue in the 1970s and 1980s and spoke about nutrition and no white sugar in childrens diet?

Dr. Lendon Smith . One book he wrote was How to Raise a Healthy Child

What was the most popular music in the US during the 1970s?

Disco was the most popular music of the 1970s. Rock & roll music broke off into new genres such as folk rock, soft rock, hard rock and punk rock. Progressive rock was also entering the music scene.... Read More »

New York 1970s Music Clubs?

The New York music scene of the 1970s has become highly influential in popular music today. Pivotal to this active musical environment are a set of clubs that now have legendary status. Here genres... Read More »

What is the name of the old childrens TV show where this woman had a bag and inside the bag there were 2 dolls and they came alive and made music?

We were trying to remember this one too. Did you ever find out??