Childrens Hospital class for parents who have disability's?

Answer yes. each cycle is different. i had a normal 2 wk-2 wk cycle but when i got pregnant it was with a 3 wk-1 wk

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Do parents have a right to check their childrens email?

I believe that if parents have a healthy relationship with their children they should not need to spy on them, because if the children are having problems they will willingly talk to their parents ... Read More »

Can a minor have her parents removed from a hospital during her labor?

She can ask that they not be with her during the birth, but impossible to remove them from the hospital. Should anything happen, they are the responsible party to make decisions regarding her healt... Read More »

I am looking to retire to a city with a great Childrens Hospital , any suggestions ?

Texas Children's is in Houston and they are great. Maybe you should start by seeing which children's hospital has the best knowledge of or specializes in Autistic Spectrum?

Have you ever taken a parenting class, or did your parents do a good enough job with you?

Neither my wife nor I ever took a parenting class; they didn't really have anything like it back in our day.The positive parental guidance that we both received was never a conscious effort to teac... Read More »