Children's Hair Braiding Styles?

Answer The task of braiding a child's hair can be daunting, or it may be particularly uneventful if you are tired of creating the same hairstyles for your child. Braids and cornrows allow for great stylin... Read More »

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Different Styles of Braiding Hair?

Braiding hair is weaving various numbers of strands of hair in a pattern to form a hairstyle. Braids can be made with differing numbers of strands, with three being the most common. Different style... Read More »

Hair Braiding Styles for Teenagers?

Braiding your hair can be fun and fashionable while keeping hair off your face and out of the way. For teenagers, braiding offers a way to change up their style while not doing anything dramatic li... Read More »

Different Styles for Braiding With Synthetic Hair?

Celebrities, such as Bo Derek, Brandy and Cicely Tyson, revived and popularized braids. And many women, particularly those of African descent, wear them. From cornrows to pixie braids, there are a... Read More »

Little Girl Hair Braiding Styles?

You have a small girl with beautiful hair, and you want to showcase her hair in a simple, but creative, hairstyle. Braids are a great way to ensure that a little girl's long hair stays looking beau... Read More »