Children's Games for Road Safety?

Answer Games can make learning road safety fun for children. Different road safety games emphasize different aspects of safety. Some teach what different road safety signs mean. Others let your children i... Read More »

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What are safety issues working to support childrens health and safety?

I have never been set on fire, but I have been burnt on a stove, and 2nd degree burns from being in the sun too long.2nd Answerer says: Yes, I have.

How to adapt the environment to ensure safety for childrens, age and ability?

Well it will depend on the need-there's no point adapting it for every possibility if there's no on to need it-thats why its important settings talk to parents before child starts to discuss childr... Read More »

Childrens learning games?

There are lots of games that will teach these concepts to children. Shoots and Ladders is a great game and an inexpensive way to teach number recognition and counting 1-100. Index cards which are a... Read More »

Why are there road safety signs?

Road signs exist simply to maintain safe driving procedures for everyone. Without safety signs, vehicles probably would have more collisions or endanger more lives. Road signs usually located on th... Read More »