Children's Electric Guitars for Beginners?

Answer A guitar's size matters, especially for a child just beginning to learn. A guitar that is too big can lead to frustration and poor technique, both of which may cause the beginner to lose interest. ... Read More »

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What was the childrens story programme presented by a man and a woman with guitars?

The only one I can think of remotely like this was the Land of Hatchy-Milatchy ( pronounced exactly as it is spelled) this was set in some sort of magical park and had two Girls ( at the least teen... Read More »

Which came first: electric guitars or amps?

No one knows. Patents for electric guitar-type instruments appear as early as 1910, with many claiming to have built an instrument throughout the 1920s and 1930s. This first modern electric guitar ... Read More »

How are electric guitars made?

Technological advances have streamlined the process of building electric guitars, but many top luthiers still rely on the tradition of hands-on hardware and electronics installation. Either way, th... Read More »

How to Distinguish Electric Guitars?

So you want to be a guitar God? Wait! Of course, most important is that you work hard and practice regularly. But for that, you need the right instrument. The guitar you play will be your best frie... Read More »