Children's Educational Stories About Animals?

Answer In Ancient Greece, a slave won his freedom for his ability to entertain and tell stories. Today we known him as Aesop and remember him for fables -- short stories that taught a lesson, and many of ... Read More »

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What is the old childrens programme where the animals lived in a volcano on an island?

ahh i kno the program u mean! one of them sort of looks like a clown! i think it was called something island. it was great, they were made out of plastacine if im right

Looking for the name of a childrens show maybe late 80s-90s where people were dressed and made up like different animals. I think they lived in a carnival or circus or something. Please help?

What was the name of that childrens tv series that aired in the 1980s with the main character called Hope who was magically transported to this forest to help the animals defeat the cruel ruler?

Animals eat animals, so why don't vegetarians and vegans eat animals?

I was a vegatarian for a whole year but I did it for health reasons not animal rights reason. I undestand where you coming from. But at the same time I respect a vegatarians deciscion as long as he... Read More »