Child shot?

Answer you have to learn how to restrain children better to protect them AND you. the injection itself caused tissue injury, you just made it worse by not preparing yourself for the child's movements. a... Read More »

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How do I get my child's shot record?

The person/place that gave the immunizations has the records. Call your doctor or the clinic where you received them and ask for a copy.

Does a 9 year old child need an extra flu shot?

Your doctor can decide that, but typically children under 10 do need an initial flu vaccination, followed in approximately a month by a second one, since their immune systems are not yet mature eno... Read More »

Are you going to get your child the H1N1 vaccine shot?

My kid is really active and prone to congestion from allergies so we got him the shot. He doesn't have any spare weight to lose if he gets sick. It is a hard choice when you get so much conflicting... Read More »

What can happen to your unborn child if you had a Depo Shot?

Answer Have not been confirmed but it could kill the grows cell of unborn child. However, I did met somebody who this happened many years ago and the baby born but stay as little as 3 years old gi... Read More »