Child development assessment HELP PLEASE!!?

Answer You might want to contact a speech/language pathologist. They are highly trained professionals who work with children that have speech/language problems. They can give you the information about tes... Read More »

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Help with my Child Development Coursework please?

Children who are premature arent always delayed so please dont assume anyone who is born early will be delayed I have plenty of children who were up to a month early who have no problems.Saying tha... Read More »

Child Development Assessment Tools?

Adequate assessment of the growing child can help educators and parents alike to better understand how the student is developing. Using child development assessment tools in the classroom or in the... Read More »

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I have to bring in a song about the number 2 for my child development class tomorrow can anyone help?

Just make one up! That's part of being a preschool teacher. Here's mine to the tune of Old MacDonald Had a Farm:2 feet that tap, 2 hands that clape-i-e-i-o2 eyes that see my friends with mee-i-e-... Read More »