Child behaviour problem. touching other childrens sensitive parts?

Answer You need to figure out if this was curiosity or a learned behavior, without a doubt you need to document this instance for future reference and I would notify both parents of the situation. I had a... Read More »

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Can a non custodial parent take child off behaviour medication?

What type of behaviour will a hungry child show?

HUNGRY-irritability, may be whiny, not nice to other children NOT HUNGRY-happy, calm, getting along with others,peaceful

So Ive suffered the misfortune of getting some red pepper powder on my sensitive man parts...?

Dude !!go find an aloe vera plant ... break off a piece anduse the gel

Sensitive Tooth problem?

First option, go see a dentist, see if it has enamel damage or wear. Or some nerve problem.Second option, start using Sensodyne Toothpaste.