Child abuse cases in the phils?

Answer Do you mean Philadelphia- Oh Brother- I guess it hits all the family- kidding aside , well it can happen anytime, anywhere- and, while Philadelphia does have an F.B.I. field office ( also a mint an... Read More »

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How many cases of child abuse are caused by alcohol abuse?

No one knows. I know of about 100 right now.but probuly about 500

How many child abuse cases are there each day in the US?

Why do the cases of child abuse increased?

There isn't any evidence the have increased. But there is very real evidence that people are more educated to the SIGNS of child abuse and are more likely to report it. Also, victims of child abuse... Read More »

How many child abuse cases happen in a year in the us?

The sad truth is about 100,000 babies, kids, and teens are abused a year.