Child Support & Federal Taxes?

Answer The U.S. Congress afforded the Department of Treasury the right to collect a variety of delinquent debts on behalf of state and federal government agencies. Child support enforcement and collection... Read More »

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Do you have to claim child support on state or federal taxes?

No, child support does not have to be claimed on either state or federal income taxes per IRS Publication 504. According to the Internal Revenue Service, child support is considered to be tax-free ... Read More »

Can a Man Paying Child Support Be Denied From Claiming a Child on Income Taxes?

The dependency exemption is used to reduce the taxes of families caring for children. Only one dependency exemption is granted per child. When parents with children divorce, only one parent will be... Read More »

Federal Income Tax & Child Support?

Child support is the financial obligation a noncustodial parent has to his children. For federal income tax purposes, neither parent owes taxes on these payments beyond initial income taxes withhel... Read More »

Can they take a federal refund for back child support?

On One Hand: They Can and WillIf you owe back child support and are scheduled to receive a federal income tax return, the Internal Revenue Service will take the refund and apply it to your child su... Read More »