Child Guidance Games?

Answer Guidance of children is not just a responsibility of parents. Teachers and counselors play an integral part in a child's educational development. Growing up may be difficult sometimes and, since ev... Read More »

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Games for Classroom Guidance?

Guidance activities and support have become an integral and necessary part of educational life for all children. Designed to help students integrate well into social groups, cope with the stresses ... Read More »

What Are Some Good Classroom Group Guidance Games to Play?

Guidance activities can sometimes be a drag for students. When not planned or executed properly, students might see them as patronizing or boring. The key to a good classroom guidance game is to av... Read More »

What should a child do if another child wants to play sexual games with them?

Answer You should ask her why she is doing that. Be very understanding. Is someone hurting her? Let her know that you are there for her, but what she is doing is not okay. She might just be wat... Read More »

Child Counting Games?

Learning to count is a fundamental mathematical skill. In order to learn more advanced math skills, children must first understand the basics. Children begin learning to count in preschool and kind... Read More »